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VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(AXIATEL – November 23, 2010) – Axiatel made the split. Axiatel, an online portal for virtual office solutions was founded by Axialys Group, a European telecom service provider and supplier of custom corporate telecom solutions such as PBX. Axiatel has recently become an independent enterprise.

In 2008, Axialys developed a business targeted toward small business, entrepreneurs and mobile professionals that would not only allow them to conduct their business more effortlessly but also in a way that would positively impact the environment. With this ambition in mind, Axialys group, went about crafting the business model that became Axiatel, always available at

Axiatel has been a great success in Europe. It has provided innovative business solutions that have helped tens of thousands of professionals to streamline their business practices, to reduce their environmental impact and to simplify. Axiatel offers innovative virtual office solutions such as an online fax to email service, a teleconferencing service, a virtual PBX, and more recently a video conference service called Web Conference.

The success of in Europe led it to expand internationally. With an international presence Axiatel can help more business people by providing them a service targeted to their needs and the needs of their business. Axiatel currently has a market presence in 9 countries while it offers its virtual office services with connections to 61 destinations.

In March of 2009, in an endeavor to further its commitment to creating a more environmentally friendly business environment, Axiatel began donating 1 monetary unit for each service purchased through its web portal to its environmental partner Planète Urgence. For this commitment Axiatel was recognized by Chef d’Enterprise magazine with an award for Sustainable Development.

November of 2010 marks a new day for Axiatel. Axiatel SAS, acquired independence from its founder Axialys SA this month. The newly independent Axiatel will continue on its current commitments while going even further. Axiatel continues to innovate, adapt and search for ways to provide innovative quality services for SME’s, entrepreneurs, and professionals globally.

The New Axiatel, “Changing the way the world sees business communication,” is always available at AXIATEL.COM

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